We aim to provide solutions in the field of safety engineering methods and software developed to date,
we believe that employers and service quality can best be promoted.


Our Company consulting company providing services in the field of safety engineering was formed. With the backing of the company – a variety of industrial services in the field of safety engineering, risk assessment, consequence modeling, planning and emergency response plan Presents.

Consequence analysis of 10 offshore platforms by CFD analysis of Iranian offshore oil company

Quantitative risk assessment of Olefin plant of Bushehr petrochemical company.

HAZOP studies of Jam Petrochemical Company, all units

Air dispersion modeling for boilers of Bushehr petrochemical company

HAZID & SIL studies pf Centralized tank farm of Makhazen Sabz Assaluye

Job Hazard Analysis of Ghadir Petrochemical company

Risk based fireproofing for C2 recovery plant of Pars petrochemical company

Gas detector layout optimization and mapping of EB-SM production plants of Pars Petrochemical company

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Our Clients

We have a group with extensive knowledge of project execution in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water Treatment and Energy Sectors.
Our Company covers a variety of projects over a number of industries.